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Page 162:-
The higher end of the lake is fourteen miles from Penrith, and ten from Ambleside, of good turnpike road, save only at Styboar-crag, where it is cut into the rock that awfully overhangs it, and is too narrow.
Ullswater to Ambleside
  Kirkstone Pass
Above Goldrill-bridge, the vale bocomes (sic) narrow and poor, the mountains steep, naked, and rocky. Much blue slate, of an excellent kind, is excavated out of their bowels. The ascent from the lake to the top of Kirkston is easy, and there are many water-falls from the mountains on both sides. From the top of Kirkston to Ambleside the descent is quick. Some remarkable stones near the gorge of the pass are called Highcross.
to Haweswater
After what we have seen, the only lake that remains to be visited in this tour is

This is a pleasant morning ride from Penrith; or it may be taken in the way to Shap, or from Shap, and return to Kendal. There
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