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Page 163:-
is also a road from Pooley-bridge, over the mountain to Bampton vale, a beautiful secreted valley.
Ascending the road from Pooley-bridge to the south, from the brow of the common, you have a grand general view of Ulls-water, with all its winding shore, and accompaniments of woods, rocks, mountains, bays, and promontories, to the entrance of Patterdale. To the north-east you look down on Pooley-bridge, and the winding of the river guides the eye to a beautiful valley, much ornamented with plantations, in the midst of which Dalemain is seated, queen of the vale of Emont. Turning south, proceed by White-raise, a large karn of stones, and near it are the remains of a small circus, ten stones of which are still erect. A little further on, are the vestiges of a larger one of 22 paces by 25. All the stones except the pillar are removed. It stands on the south side of the circus, and the place is called Moor-Dovack. Here the vale of Bampton opens sweetly to the view, ascending to the south, and spreading upwards in variety of dale-land beauty. At the bridge the road turns to the right, and soon brings you upon Hawes-water.
Mr. Young is the first that says any thing in favour of this sweet but unfrequented lake.
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