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Page 140:-

Proceed from the bridge, by High-cross, to Lowes-water. Having passed through a gate that leads to the common, the lake spreads out before you, a mile in length, and of an equal breadth of about a quarter of a mile. The extremities are rivals in beauty of hanging woods, little groves, and waving inclosures, with farms seated in the sweetest points of view. The south end is overlooked by lofty Mellbreak, at whose foot, a white house within some grass inclosures, under a few trees, stands in the point of beauty. The eastern shore is open, and indented with small bays; but the opposite side is more pleasing. Carling knot presents a broad pyramidal front, of swift ascent, covered with soft vegetation, and spotted with many aged solitary thorns. On each side the outlines wave upwards in the finest manner, terminating in a cone of grey rocks, patched with verdure.
This lake, in opposition to all the others, has its course from north to south, and under Mellbreak falls into Cromack-water. It is of no great depth, and without char; but it abounds with pike and perch, and has some trout.
  station, Mellbreak
An evening view of both lakes, is from the side of Mell-break, at the gate, under a coppice of oaks, in the road to Ennerdale. No-
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