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Page 85:-
[pic]turesque point is from an eminence behind Dale-head house. This end is beautifully decorated with two small islands, dressed with wood, and charmingly placed. The lake terminates sweetly with a pyramidal rock, wooded to the top; and, opposite to it, a silvery grey rock hanging over its base, towards the lake, has a fine effect.
The road, after this, leads through the narrow green vale of Legberthwaite, divided into small inclosures, peopled with a few cots, and nobly terminated by the castle-like rock of St. John. Below this, the vale contracts into a deep craggy dell, through which Leathes-water rolls, till it joins the Greta, at New-bridge, under the foot of Threlkeld-fell, a gloomy mountain of dark dun rocks, that shuts up the view of the wide spreading vale of St. John.
The road now winds to the left, by Smalthwaite-bridge, and ascends Naddle-fell, by Causeway-foot to Castle-rigg. At the turn of the hill, and within about a mile of Keswick, you come at once in sight of its glorious vale, with all its noble environs, and enchanting scenes, which, when Mr. Gray beheld, it almost determined him to return to Keswick again, and repeat his tour.
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