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Page 71:-
as the great island. The ferry points, the Storrs, the Nab, and the lesser islands, are distinctly viewed in a fine order. The house on the island is a good object; and the beauties of the western shore to the south of the Cragg are only seen from thence.
To sum up the peculiar beauties of Windermere, its great variety of landscapes, and enchanting views, after what Mr. Young has said of it is unnecessary. He allowed himself time to examine this lake, and the lakes in Cumberland, and he describes each of them with much taste and judgement, and it is evident he gives the preference to Windermere [1]. Yet this ought not to prejudice the minds of those who have the tour to make, against such as prefer Derwent-water, or
[1] Mr. Pennant compares it to the chief of the Scotch Lakes and concludes it to be here what Loch Lomond is there.
On the banks of Windermere-water, have been lately built many elegant villas; by Mr. Law, at Brathay; Miss Pritchard, Croft-Lodge, Clappersgate; Mr. Harrison, above Ambleside; Mrs. Taylor, Cottage, Ambleside; the late Bishop of Llandaff, Calgarth; Mr. North, Ambleside; Mrs. Taylor, Bellfield, near Bowness; Mr. Crump, Ferney-Green; Mr. Bellasis, Holly-Hill; Mr. Greaves, Old England; John Bolton, Esq. Storrs; Mr. Taylor, Townhead; Mr. Dixon, Fell-foot; Mr. Machel, Newby-bridge; &c. These objects, as works of art, most of which are done in styles suitable to their situation, give an air of consequence to the country, and, with the surrounding natural beauties, have lately made this neighbourhood, and particularly about Ambleside, a place of the greatest celebrity.
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