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3. The third style of building is the front or gateway. This may be given to Edward III., or to his son John of Gaunt. It faces the east, and is a magnificent building in the Gothic style. It opens with a noble and lofty pointed arch, defended by overhanging battlements, supported by a triple range of corbels, cut in the form of boultins. The intervals are pierced for the descent of missiles, and on each side rise two light watch-towers. Immediately over the gate is an ornamental niche, which probably once contained the figure of the founder. On one side is still to be seen, on a shield, France quartered with England; on the other side, the same with a label ermine of three points, the distinction of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, fourth son of Edward III., the first English monarch that quartered France and England on a shield.- It was Henry V. that reduced the lilies of France to three [1].
  Wery Wall
On the north side of the hill, below the church-yard, are some remains of the wall that encompassed the station. It retains part of the ancient name of the place, being called Wery-wall. Those who suppose it to be that part of the priory-inclosure-wall, which was
[1] The improvements lately made in the castle, under the direction of Mr. Harrison, are very extensive, in the best style of Gothic architecture, and add greatly to the noble appearance of that ancient building.
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