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Page 16:-
Taillebois, baron of Kendal, is the first after the conquest who was honoured with the command of this castle; and William de Taillebois in the reign of Henry II, obtained leave to take the surname of Lancaster. It is therefore probable that the barons of Kendal either built or repaired the ancient castle, in which they resided, until they erected, upon the summer site of the station of Concangium, their castle at Kendal; for the remains of some of the bastions there agree in style with the towers here.
2. The second distinct style of building in Lancaster castle, is a square tower of great height the lower part of which is of remote antiquity; the windows are small and round headed, ornamented with plain short pillars on each side. The upper part of this magnificent tower is a modern repair; the masonry shows it; and a stone in the battlement, on the northern side, inscribed
E. R. / 1585 R. A.
proves that the repair was made in the time of Queen Elizabeth. It is pretty evident that two towers, with the rampart have been removed to give light and air to the lower windows on the outside of the great square tower; and it is joined by a wall of communication to Adrian's tower, that could not be there when the other two round towers were standing. There are two lesser square towers on the opposite side of the yard or court.
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