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Page 194:-
on every Side, and a Brass Plate, with the following Inscription, in Capital Letters:
This Pillar was erected Anno 1656, by the Right Honourable ANNE, Countess Dowager of Pembroke, and sole Heir of the Right Honourable GEORGE, Earl of Cumberland, &c. for a Memorial of her last parting in this Place with her good and Pious Mother, the Right Honourable MARGARET, Countess Dowager of Cumberland, the 2d of April, 1616. In Memory whereof she has also left an Annuity of Four Pounds to be distributed to the Poor within this Parish of Brougham, every 2d Day of April for ever, upon the Stone Table hereby.
  Lady Anne Pembroke
This Countess of Pembroke had a noble and great Estate in this County, and a great many fine old Seats, all which she repair'd and beautify'd, and dwelt sometimes at one, and sometimes at another, for the Benefit of her Tenants, and of the Poor, whom she always made desirous of her Presence, constantly relieving them by her Bounty and Hospitality.
  Wry Nose
  Three Shire Stones
  Catstye Cam

Some of the Mountains in Cumberland are very remarkable for their Height, viz. the Mountain called Wry Nose, upon the Top of which, near the Highway-Side, are to be seen three Stones, commonly call'd Shire-Stones, lying within a Foot of one another, yet in three several Counties, viz. one in Cumberland, another in Westmorland, and the third in Lancashire. Secondly, the Skiddaw, a Mountain that rises up with two mighty high Heads like Parnassus, and from which Scruffel Hill, which is in Anandale in Scotland, may be discerned; and according as Mists rise or fall upon these Heads, the People there prognosticate of the Change of Weather. The third is Lauvellin, the fourth Castinand, of which, and the former, they have a proverbial Speech among them:
Skiddaw, Lauvellin, and Castinand,
Are th' highest Hills in all England.
On the S.W. of the Wry-Nose, is
Hardknot-Hill, a ragged Mountain, so steep, that it is almost impossible to ascend it, yet on the Top of it a-
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