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Page 193:-
The English commanded by Sir Thomas Wharton, being posted upon the higher Ground, observed this Advantage, and falling upon him put them to Flight, and took many Prisoners, without any Blood, among whom were the Earl of Cassels and Glencarn, the Lords Maxwel, Fleming, Sir Oliver Sinclair, and many others. James V. King of Scotland, was so much concern'd for the Loss of his Army, which consisted of 15,000 Men, that he soon after died of Grief. The Country beyond this Place was, before the Union of the two Kingdoms, called Batable-Ground, i.e. Lands always in Debate, the Inhabitants on both Sides always contending for it, and yielding it to neither; but now all those Feuds and Quarrels upon the Borders are ceased, and both Nations dwell in it with as much Safety and Security as in any other Place.
  Whinfield Forest
  stag hunt

In Whinfield Park, at the Borders of this County, is shewn a Hawthorn Tree, against which the Heads of a Stag and a Dog were formerly nailed up in Memory of a famous Chace: It seems a Dog (not a Greyhound, as Mr. Camden's Continuator calls it, but a staunch Buckhound) singly chased a Stag from this Park, as far as the Red Kirk in Scotland, which they say is 60 Miles at least, and back again to the same Place; where being both spent, the Stag exerting his last Force, leaped the Park Pales, and died on the Inside; the Hound attempting to leap after him, had not Strength enough to get over, but fell back and died on the Outside just opposite. The Heads of both were nailed upon the Tree, and underneath this Distich on them:
Hercules kill'd Hart-a-Greese
And Hart-a-Greese kill'd Hercules.[1]
  Countess Pillar
W. of the Hawthorn Tree, and upon the old Roman Way is the famous Column, call'd the Countess's Pillar, the best and most beautiful Piece of its Kind in Britain: It is a fine Column of Free-stone, curiously wrought in Basse-Relieve, and in some Places painted: It has an Obelisk on the Top, several Coats of Arms, and other Ornaments in proper Places all over it, with Dials also
[] The Hounds Name was Hercules.
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