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Page 189:-
The Inhabitants say, that under this Burgh in the very AEstuary, there was first a Sea Fight between the Scots and English; and when the Tide was out, a second Fight began between the Horse of both Sides, as strange as that which Pliny relates in Caramania, and makes a great Wonder of it: Into this AEstuary the Huna, or River Eden, having pass'd thro' Part of Westmoreland, and quite cross the N.E. Parts of the County, falls with a vast Body of Waters, which in the Year 1216, seemed to be the greatest Enemy that the Scots had, for when they had plunder'd the English without Resistance, and were returning with Loads of Spoil, they came upon them with a full Torrent, and quickly swallow'd up the whole plundering Crew.

The River Eden, almost as soon as it enters this County, receives from the W. the River Eimont, which has its Rise from the Lake call'd Ulles or Ulleswater. Upon the Banks of which, where the little River Dacre joins it, stands
  Dacre Castle

Dacre-Castle, noted in later Ages for giving its Name to the Family of the Barons de Dacre; and was mentioned by Bede for having a Monastery there in his Time. The Castle has still some Signs that it was anciently a magnificent Building, when it was the Seat of that Family; but there are no Remains of a Monastery, nor does it appear by any Records that it has been standing since the Conquest.
William of Malmesbury takes Notice of its being the Place where Constantine, King of the Scots, and Eugenius, King of Cumberland, put themselves and their Kingdoms under the Protection of King Athelstane. Near this Place is
Dalemain, the Mansion House of Edward Hassel, Esq; held of the Barony of Graystock in Cornage, by which Tenure the Possessors of these, and other Lands in the same Manor, are oblig'd, under the Penalty of forfeiting them, to give Notice of any Enemy's Approach by the sounding of an Horn, and to serve in the Wars against the Scots, marching thither in the Van, and returning in the Rear. Somewhat higher, at a little Distance from the Conflux of the Eimont and Lodor, (at
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