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Page 19:-
Hemans, when its appearance was more primitive and less pretty than it is now,- improved as it has been by its present resident, her then young friend, the Rev. Robert Perceval Graves. Next comes Wansfell Holme, inhabited by the Rev. James J. Hornby. This is another choice situation. On the opposite shore is Wray Castle, erected by James Dawson, Esq.,- a most defensible-looking place for so peaceful a region; but an enviable residence, both from its interior beauty and the views it commands. Just above it, Pullwyke bay, where lily of the valley is found, runs far into the land; and overlooking it is seen Pull Cottage, the residence of Major Rogers. Next, the sweet, tranquil Brathay valley opens, with Mr. Redmayne's mansion of Brathay Hall, on a green slope above the lake; and just behind, on a wooded knoll in the gorge of the valley, the beautiful little church, called Brathay Chapel, built by Mr. Redmayne.

Two rivers fall into the lake, uniting just before they reach it;- the Rothay, which comes down from Dunmail Raise, beyond Grasmere, and the Brathay, which issues from Elterwater, a group of pools, rather than a lake, lying at the foot of the hills near Langdale. The valleys of the Rothay and the Brathay are separated by Loughrigg,- the ridge of which, at its further end, commands Grasmere; its Windermere end shelters Clappersgate and Waterhead. The steamer sweeps round to the pier at Waterhead, where there is a cluster of dwellings, the most imposing of which is the large grey stone house called Wanlas How, the property of Alexander C. Brenchley, Esq. Omnibuses are in waiting here, from Ambleside and Grasmere,-
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