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Gentleman's Magazine 1766 opp p.466

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Roads to Carlisle

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Road strip map, uncoloured engraving, A Correct Map of the Road from London to Carlisle and The Road from Carlisle to Berwick, scale roughly 3.5 miles to 1 inch, by John Gibson, published by the Gentleman's Magazine, London, 1765-66.
A Correct MAP of the ROAD from LONDON to CARLISLE, commencing / at Darlaston Bridge, in the CHESTER ROAD.
NB. The Distances are from the Royal Exchange.
map type: Gibson 1766
Size: wxh, sheet = 31x20cm; wxh, map = 286x172mm; scale: 1 to 240000? estimate.
London to Carlisle - from Darlaston Bridge, Staffordshire; through Cheshire; to Lancaster, Lancashire; then Burton, Kendal, Shap, Westmorland; to Penrith and Carlisle, Cumberland.
Carlisle to Berwick - from Carlisle, Cumberland; across Kershope Burn near Kirkby Hill, and through Jedburgh, Kelso, Scotland; to Berwick, Northumberland.
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