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Page 173:-
There are three churches in the town, a Scotch church, and several dissenting meeting-houses. Steam-packets ply between Dublin and Whitehaven regularly, as well as Liverpool, the Isle of Man, and Scotland. This town sends one member to Parliament. Population, 11,393; market-days, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; inns, Black Lion, Golden Lion, and Globe.
COCKERMOUTH. (See page 81.)
  Bassenthwaite Lake
Bassenthwaite Water. (See page 85.)
Keswick. (See page 51.)

Workington to Keswick

Workington to Cockermouth8
Cockermouth to Keswick13
WORKINGTON, a sea-port of Cumberland, situated on the south bank of the Derwent, has a good harbour, and an extensive trade in coal, from the valuable collieries of Henry Curwen, Esq., and several other collieries, many of which are at a considerable distance. On the east side of the town is Workington Hall, the manor-house of the ancient family of Curwen, finely situated on an elevated position above the river. It is remarkable as having afforded an asylum to the unfortunate and persecuted Mary Queen of Scots, when she landed at Workington. Population, 6415; market-day, Wednesday; inns, Green Dragon, New Crown, and King's Arms.
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