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Page 149:-
its land-locked bays, and its rocky promontories, though deprived of all its wood - thus displaying all its charms at once, instead of unfolding them in delightful succession.
Leaving the inn, we shall proceed up the dale. On the right is Deepdale, which is terminated by a cove, a craggy and gloomy abyss, with precipitous sides, the receptacle of the snows of Fairfield. On the left, the road leads to Low Hartshope, a romantic village, through which flows the stream from Hawes Water.

  Brothers Water
At Cowbridge is the outlet of this pretty sheet of water, which is situated in a fertile vale, clothed with wood. On its western side, near the head, stands the ancient and lowly Hall of Hartshope. This water may be readily circumambulated, and the views around it are sublime. It is fed by Kirkstone Beck, and that which rises under Dove Crag, which issues from a cove richly decorated with native wood; from this recess there is a view backwards on the gleaming surface of Brother Water, and forwards to the precipitous sides and lofty ridges of Dove Crag.
  Kirkstone Pass
The tourist may proceed over the rocky pass of Kirkstone to Ambleside, or return to Penrith.
End of the tour
This is the end of the descriptive section; page 150 is blank.
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