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Page 50:-
"[sup]porters are, on the dexter side a lion, on the sinister side an horse with an oaken bough in his mouth. The crest is an horse passant, topaz, with an oak bough in his mouth, ruby. The motto Sola virtus indicta: but the Dukes formerly used Virtutis laus actio."
This illustrious family continued in the faith of the Roman Church until the present Duke, (when Earl of Surry) renounced it with all its errors: For this he was severely censured by some violent partisans of those gentlemen, who opposed his Lordship in the election at Carlisle: they went so far as to say he did it merely for a seat in the British Parliament. These injurious assertions his Lordship, in my hearing, treated with a truly noble contempt and indignation: indeed any person who has the smallest knowledge of this Nobleman's character, will be astonished to hear that any one could endeavour to defame him with so idle and nonsensical an assertion; as if any man in his senses could be persuaded that a seat in the House of Commons was so high a dignity as the inheritance to which he might he expect soon to succeed.
  Greystoke Castle
Greystoke Castle is a large, old building, pleasantly enough situated amidst elegant groves and plantations: It is only two stories high, but the Duke is preparing to raise it a third. The gardens are well disposed both for pleasure and convenience; and behind the house is a park, containing about a thousand head of deer.
The barony of Greystocke consists of several manors, the tenants of which attend the Court-Baron, and view of Frank-pledge every year, at Michaelmas and Easter: they pay a twenty-penny fine upon the death of lad [lord] or tenant, a thirty-penny fine upon an alienation, Herriot's mill-rent, boon-mowing, &c. The length of the barony is about twelve miles, and its breadth ten, beginning within a mile of Penrith.
  Petteril, head

We next arrive at Penruddock, a long, dirty, straggling village, upon the edge of a common: their parish church is at Greystock, but they have a small Presbyterian meeting-house in the village.
On the right is the poor village of Motherby, which consisteth of nine small tenements, worth about ten pounds per annum each, and held under six lords. Between Penruddock and this village is the head of the river Petteral, on the banks of which, five miles below Penrith, is the Ala Petriana of the Romans, by Nicholson called Bremeternacum, by some called Old Penrith.
  Stone Carr, Hutton
  Roman antiquities

From this place, the remains of a Roman road may easily at this day be traced to a fort upon this common, near the end of Whitbarrow Fields. It is called by Horsley Redstone Camp, and by Cambden Stone-Carron, which I think is the original name; for the ground from the school-house to this camp is called at this day Stone-Carr. I cannot, however, find in the Notitia such a name as either, or any certain or satisfactory account of it. But be this as it will, certainly there has been an encampment of the Romans at this place, for the military road leads exactly to and from it: within these two years also, several bones, urns, stone-coffins, &c. have been found here by people digging for stones. Some of these I am in possession of, but were generally broke, so that it was impossible to make them out. One I saw which had T.S. and I think there had been other letters.
The Notitia mention the tribune of the first cohort of the Batavi lying at Carrowbrugh. I cannot determine where Carrowbrugh was situated; but as that cohort was under the Duke of Britain, and lay in the North of England at Ala Petriana, Cambeck, Ambleside, &c. there seems some probability that Carrowbrugh was in this neighbourhood; how far its name agrees with Carron or Stone-Carrow, I leave to the conjectures of the reader. Horsley informs us, that the Roman road to this place leads through Greystock park: in this he is (if appearances may be trusted) so entirely wrong, that I cannot help thinking he never gave himself the trouble
erratum from p.194
for lad, read lord.
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