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Barony of Graystock, Cumberland
Barony of Graystock
Barony of Greystoke
county:-   Cumbria (Cumberland) 
locality type:-   barony

evidence:-   old text:- Clarke 1787
placename:-  Barony of Greystocke
item:-  land tenure
source data:-   Guide book, A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, written and published by James Clarke, Penrith, Cumberland, and in London etc, 1787; published 1787-93.
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Page 50:-  "..."
"The barony of Greystocke consists of several manors, the tenants of which attend the Court-Baron, and view of Frank-pledge every year, at Michaelmas and Easter: they pay a twenty-penny fine upon the death of lad [lord] or tenant, a thirty-penny fine upon an alienation, Herriot's mill-rent, boon-mowing, &c. The length of the barony is about twelve miles, and its breadth ten, beginning within a mile of Penrith."

evidence:-   old text:- Camden 1789 (Gough Additions) 
placename:-  Barony of Graystock
source data:-   Book, Britannia, or A Chorographical Description of the Flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by William Camden, 1586, translated from the 1607 Latin edition by Richard Gough, published London, 1789.
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"The barony of Graystock was granted by Ranulph de Meschines to Liulf, and Henry I. confirmed it to his son, whose posterity took name from it, and his great grandson was Fitz Walter, mentioned by Mr. Camden, and died 12 John. William lord Graystock, who married Merlay, was his great great grandson. It is now in Charles duke of Norfolk."

Created by Henry I in dividing up the new County of Carlisle ie Cumberland.

Ferguson, Richard S: 1890 &1970 (reprinted): History of Cumberland

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