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  from the Editor
Westmorland Gazette, 13 September 1823:-
In your letter of last week, addressed to Mr. Greenwood, Surveyor, you state that he commenced an attack on Mr. Hodgson, by causing a certain paragraph to be inserted in both the Kendal Papers, on the 21st June, which paragraph you have quoted from the Chronicle alone. Had you referred to the Gazette, you would have instantly perceived that it was a slight error of the Press (the word this being inserted instead of the) that caused the "Yorkshireisms" in the Chronicle, and not a delinquency of Literary Talent in the Author; but in consequence of the imputations cast upon Mr. Greenwood's abilities in this case, I have transcribed his manuscript in order to convince you that the fault was ours not his.
I am Sir,
Yours, &c.


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