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Westmorland Gazette, 20 September 1823:-
  letter from C Greenwood
SIR, - You must excuse me; 'tis impossible I can address you seriously; nothing in the world can be more ludicrous than the appearance of John Swainston in this affair; for shame, John, do be quiet; the public are disgusted with your appearance in it. If you want a job, John, there is plenty of reaping to be had, and there you may earn an honest living. I cannot give my time to you, John, but when you state things that are not true, I feel myself compelled to notice them, or you would in this case, have had the full measure of my contempt. In trying to hit me, John, you have mist me, my name is not Charles. Then there again, John, you are at fault. Your stating that a list of your friend's Subscribers was seen at a House near Lowther, when we first commenced the Survey of Westmorland, is one of the consequences of such people as you, John, meddling in what they do not understand. I deny the truth of your assertion, John, you know not what is the first proceedings of such a work; and you have no right, moral or legal, to publish such things at random. You next darkly and malignantly tell me, that I know the opinion of a Gentleman, near Kirkby-Lonsdale, respecting two of our Maps. Now, John, my extraneous letter as you call it, does not warrant the above insinuation; nor are you at liberty, however disposed, to disseminate, through the medium of a public print, what may tend to the injury of private property. My letter to you was a justifiable one; it was provoked. I never sought you, John, you turned snarling out of your den, bent upon mischief. Be mindful, John, of the ground you choose to tread on; and do not let your selfish motives lead you into trouble. You are at liberty, John, to call this threatening, or what you like, 'tis to protect my house I lock my door. All I know of you, John, is that you addressed a most impudent letter to me; to which I replied in a way. that might have satisfied you of the contempt I had, both for it, and its author. And all I have now to add, is to inform you, John, that if you address me falsehoods, which may tend in any respect to the injury of the proprietors with whom I co-operate, I shall feel myself compelled to notice them in the way they may require.
King's Arms Inn, Kendal, 17th Sept. 1823.


from - C Greenwood
to - John Swainston
you shouldn't comment on things you don't understand; go and be a farm labourer
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