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Westmorland Gazette, 23 August 1823:-
  letter from T Hodgson
To the Editor of the Kendal Gazette.
I should not have noticed the last letter of C. Greenwood, had he not been desirous of identifying me with the Gentleman, who in this controversy has signed himself "A Subscriber" to my Map. Entering into discussion upon the fallacy of this insinuation would be to insult the understanding of the public, as the bare perusal of our letters I apprehend is sufficient proof to every one, with the solitary exception of C. Greenwood. In the outset, he thought fit to attack this Subscriber for expressing his satisfaction at may having successfully rebutted the report they had so industriously circulated, that I was about to relinquish my undertaking to them, and for giving his opinion on my manner of Survey. In the course of their altercation, that Gentleman asked C. Greenwood several questions, respecting the actual manner in which he Surveyed this County; none of which he has yet ventured to answer, and instead of doing so, endeavours to seek refuge in unworthy cavils and mean evasions.
Upon his boasting of Diagrams, and of my knowing nothing of a Trigonometrical process till he mentioned it, the public are enabled to form a right judgement.
From me they are unworthy of remark. The manner of my Survey is well known and so is C. Greenwood's. Our comparative merits are therefore fully understood, and it is needless for him to puff off himself any longer in such high terms of eulogy.
I am very respectfully,
Kendal, 8 Month 23rd, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 23 August 1823, dated '8th mo 22d. 1823'.


from - T Hodgson
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
ANONYMITY I am not A Subscriber
SURVEYING METHODS my methods are well known, so, perhaps, are CG's
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