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Westmorland Gazette, 9 August 1823:-
  letter from A Subscriber to Hodgson
To the Editor of the Kendal Gazette..
SIR, - Seldom has human vanity and human weakness been more strongly exemplified, than in the conduct of Mr. Greenwood during the course of this controversy. His setting out was with a boasting superiority of his own scientific qualifications; but in that respect how "chop fall'n" is he now" He has more than once said that he would lay before the public the manner of their Survey; and did not forget, at the same time, to speak disrespectfully of Mr. Hodgson.
I hope Mr. Greenwood would have the Gentlemen of Westmorland to believe that he is in the habit of speaking the truth:- if so, why did he not exhibit to the public the method of his Survey, as he had promised? Because, (says he,) the columns of a Newspaper are too limited!!! There is certainly more weakness than foresight manifested in this kind of conduct. Speaking of the commencement of their undertaking, Mr. Greenwood says, "all the Counties of England, (with the exception of two,) exhibited every appearance of the strongest security." That is to say, were secured solely for their Survey! I have already shewn his weakness; and in my opinion this is a plain proof of his vanity.
It puts me in mind of the unfortunate individual who fancied himself to be the Emperor of Morocco. The merits and pretensions of Mr. Greenwood are properly understood by the Gentlemen of Westmorland: and it is unnecessary for me to make repetition of what has already been so fully discussed. Since he fails in argument, he effects to be in great "dudgeon," and endeavours to intimidate; he is much mistaken, however, in this calculation as in any of the rest. I look upon his threats in the same light, as I do the rest of his pretensions.
To Hodgson's Map of Westmorland.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 9 August 1823.


from - A Subscriber
to - the Editor; replying to C Greenwood
SURVEYING METHODS why cannot they be demonstrated?
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