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Westmorland Gazette, 2 August 1823:-
  letter from T Hodgson
To the Editor of the Kendal Gazette.
SIR, - If any thing were wanting to prove the inconsistency and the weakness of C Greenwood's statements, his last letter has fairly placed it beyond a doubt. His own words convict him. He says that I could have no knowledge of their proposing a series of County Maps, so long ago as nine years; for, he asserts, it was not till "four years afterwards," that we determined upon it: - yet his Prospectus, published a few weeks since, itself stated that their Series of Maps had been proceeded in for nearly NINE YEARS!! Such, again, is C. Greenwood's veracity! He seems very anxious to falsify my assertions; I will, therefore, lay before the public, such a statement as will, at once, convince them of my correctness.
About nine years ago, (when, I believe, C. Greenwood was an inhabitant of Wakefield,) he, or some of his "establishment," applied to the persons with whom I was resident at Sheffield, for the use of their extensive Plans, to assist him in his Survey of Yorkshire. He was, at that time, just entering upon the province he would now grasp to monopolize and, was then comparatively modest in his pretensions. The favour he solicited was granted, and with copies of those Plans we furnished him at the lodgings of his "unequalled establishment," (as he now style themselves,) the Elephant and Castle, a little Inn, in Sheffield. This was the source of my knowledge respecting his proposed undertaking, and I remember it the more forcibly, that Two Maps of Yorkshire were promised for the kindness conferred upon them, and during the six years I afterwards remained there, these tributes of gratitude never came to hand!
C. Greenwood has now designated my manner of obtaining Subscribers, as "the most unfair, illiberal, and unhandsome." The Gentlemen of Westmorland know that such assertions are unfounded, and will appreciate them accordingly. My Prospectus, like those of these proprietors, was laid before the public, at the very time I concluded to commence, and I cannot but feel truly gratified with the distinction made in my favour.
In his replies to a "Subscriber" to my Map, who has evinced such public interest concerning it, C. Greenwood has intimated, that it is "not reasonable to suppose," I could produce a Plan equally accurate with theirs" But what has he himself said of their former productions? His words are, (speaking of their forthcoming work,)
"Will it be more correct than those we have already published? CERTAINLY IT WILL!!!" This is quite enough for me to conclude, that I shall be enabled to execute a Map of Westmorland, (to say the least of it,) equally accurate with that of C. Greenwood.
That mine must admit of increased information and minuteness, from its scale being one third larger is very evident; and by my personally prosecuting the Survey, its price is rendered much lower, whilst the Engraving I expect will be equal if not superior.
C. Greenwood, however, seems wishful to represent, that, "mensuration with the Chain" is the only operation in my Survey; but it is well known to many, that I conduct it upon the scientific basis of Trigonometrical observation. For this purpose I make use of appropriate Mathematical Instruments, and apply the Chain, as an indispensable and vital requisite of admeasurement, for the minutiae of County Surveying. My labour herein, will appear to the public, when I state that the whole length I have traced the Chain in this small County, is not less than 500 miles.
I hope the statements thus made, are such, as will prevent any further altercation; and I trust the case is now made clear to every unprejudiced mind.
C. Greenwood concludes by saying, "I have abandoned nothing," "I am correct in what I have asserted," "I am perfectly open to conviction," &c. &c. These general observations amount to nothing, and merely exemplify the maxim,
Convince a man against his will And he's the same opinion still!
The public will judge of his merits for themselves, and I shall only further observe that such unsupported assertions, together with his personal invectives, evince, in this, as in many other cases, the last resource of defeated argument.
I am very respectfully,
King's Arms, Shap, 7 Month 31st, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 2 August 1823.


from - T Hodgson
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
PRIOR KNOWLEDGE who knew what when
THE MAPS mine will be just as accurate
MAP SCALE my map is one third bigger
SURVEYING METHODS I use the chain and trigonometrical observation
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