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Westmorland Gazette, 5 July 1823:-
  letter from T Hodgson


PERCEIVING in the Gazette of last week, the address of C. Greenwood, which charges me with dishonourable and insidious proceedings in the prosecution of my Plan of Westmorland, I feel compelled, conscious as I am of its object and their falsity, openly to vindicate myself from aspersions which if unnoticed might possibly create gross misconceptions of my conduct. In this article I am accused of securing the names of Subscribers to my Map "with a perfect knowledge at the same time of" C. and J. Greenwoods, "prior claim to their support;" such an assertion which, in order to criminate, ascribes to me, a "perfect knowledge" of which I am altogether ignorant, needs no refutation. Of C. and J. Greenwoods' "Survey of Cumberland and Westmorland," at my commencement, I knew nothing. Some months afterwards, I first learnt of their proceedings with the former, and more recently first witnessed the "actual" inspection of this latter County; - but never till the present moment heard, and had still less idea that there existed under any semblance such a novelty as their "prior claim" to the "support" of the Gentlemen of Westmorland. The Proprietors of New County Maps, are not surely pretending to institute a monopoly in thus field of professional exertion, or presuming, in this region of Science to "scoop out an Empire" solely to themselves. This article, next asserts, that C, Greenwood may fully prove to the public "how dishonourably" my patronage was obtained, that "it now appears" gentlemen who were applied to by me, subscribed their names to "mine" under the singular idea they were doing so to "their work!" How effectively does the absurdity of this assertion, betray the baseness of its inference! To the public it is with peculiar pleasure that I submit the names of that "large portion of the Gentlemen of Westmorland," the Subscribers to my Plan, whose perception and understanding is here grossly insulted.
They well know, that in most of my applications I was accompanied by some of those "highly respectable" friends whom C. Greenwood has eulogized, that to many, for their previous information I addressed copies of my Proposals, and that to all, I offered them, as the sole Proposer of the work and its only Persecutor.
Some of the assertions with which this article plausibly concludes are true; - it is true that an offer of compromise with me, was "through a most respectable channel" urgently made by C. Greenwood; and it is also true that to him I replied in no other way than by public advertisement. But he does not say that from my absence, before that offer reached me, he had been industriously circulating the probability (which never either on my own or my friends' part existed,) of abandoning to them my survey; he does not say that he insinuated this to my Subscribers, with a view of obtaining their names to himself; and that this was the reason, I replied to him, only, to suppress the injury he was disseminating.
I am very respectfully,
Appleby, 7 Month 4, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 5 July 1823.


from - T Hodgson
to - the Editor; replying to C Greenwood
SUBSCRIBERS I did not cheat, the Gentlemen of Westmorland are not stupid
PRIOR CLAIM no one has prior claim, or a monopoly
your offer was rejected, but you spread rumours
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