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Westmorland Gazette, 28 June 1823:-
  letter from C Greenwood
SIR, - I cannot forbear noticing an Advertisement inserted in your Journal of last week, appearing to emanate from the Pen of Mr. Hodgson, who proposes to make, from actual survey, a Map of Westmorland, and as this Gentleman complains of reports and insinuations being in circulation of his giving up his undertaking in favour of other persons for a pecuniary consideration, I cannot for one moment doubt to whom these assertions are intended to apply, and feel myself bound therefore in vindication of the fairness of my proceedings, to lay before the public, as full and ample an explanation as the case rendered thus delicate may require. During our Survey of Cumberland and Westmorland, it was discovered that a person from Lancaster, of the name of Hodgson, had industriously secured (how honourably the public must decide,) the names of a large portion of the Gentlemen of Westmorland to his proposed Map, with a perfect knowledge at the same time, of our prior claim to their support, and it now appears that Gentlemen who were applied to by him, subscribed their names under the Idea they were doing so to our work. However, finding Mr. Hodgson's friends highly respectable and having no wish to injure him, I never insinuated or circulated reports but clearly [communicated] through the most respectable channel, [my willingness,] on the part of the Firm I belong to, such arrangements with him as [might prevent loss] either to himself or us, such as [cannot fail to arise] to both, if two Maps of Westmorland are to be Engraved at the same period of time. [Now, the only] reply I have had to this communication is the Advertisement I now notice.
I am Sir,
Your most obedient servant,
This also apears in the Kendal Chronicle 28 June 1823.


from - C Greenwood
to - the Editor, replying to T Hodgson
abandonment, rumours - not me
SUBSCRIBERS TH unfairly got 'our' subscribers
PRIOR CLAIM we have a prior claim to map the county
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