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  Sour Milk Gill
SOUR-MILK GILL is a name applied to some mountain torrents, on account of their frothy whiteness resembling Butter-milk from the churn. We have Sour-milk Gill near Buttermere, Sour-milk Gill in Grasmere, and Sour-milk Gill near the Black-lead Mine in Borrowdale.
The above enumerated are some of the most noted of the falls: but tracing the mountain streams into their deep recesses, they present an inexhaustible variety: smaller indeed, but frequently of very interesting features.

Of the Lake district are of sufficient elevation to command extensive prospects over the surrounding country; yet not so high as to create any disagreeable sensations in climbing their slopes, or traversing their ridges, in favourable weather.
Their magnitude imparts a sublimity to the scenery, without overcharging the picture with any disproportionate objects. The rocks and ravines on their sides convey some knowledge of the materials whereof they are composed; and, by their variety of soil and elevation of surface, they are adapted to the production of different kinds of vegetables.
In the summer season the bottoms of the glens
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