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Bassenthwaite Lake

Is of somewhat greater length than Derwent, but of less breadth, and without islands. Being further from the mountains, it is not viewed with the same interest as some other lakes. Its western side is rather too uniformly wooded, the eastern has a greater breadth of cultivation, on which side are some fine bays and promontories; but here the road recedes too far from the lake to exhibit it to advantage. However, tourists who have leisure for a ride or a drive of eighteen miles, round this lake, may obtain some pleasing views; especially from the foot of the lake, and from some points of Wythop woods. This lake is of less depth than Derwent: pike and perch are the principal fish; salmon pass through it, to deposit their spawn in the rivers Derwent and Greta, but are seldom met with in the lake.


Situated in the valley of that name, is nearly encompassed by superb rocky mountains. It is about a mile and a quarter in length, scarcely half a mile in breadth, and fifteen fathoms deep. Tourists visiting Buttermere, by way of Borrowdale, pass along the side of this lake; those who travel in carriages generally content themselves with the view of it from a hill near the village. The distance between this and Crummock lake, is about three quarters of a mile, comprising some excellent arable land.
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