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- Commonly called LEATHES' WATER, from the family to whose estate it belongs; and sometimes WYTHBURN WATER, from the valley in which it is partly situated - lies at the foot of the 'mighty Helvellyn;' upon the highest level of any of the lakes, being near 500 feet above the sea; it is upwards of two miles and a half in length, and intersected by several rocky promontories; it is divided into an upper and lower lake, between which a picturesque wooden bridge leads to Armboth House. The depth of this lake, which has been reported to be very great, has not been found to exceed eighteen fathoms. A wooded island, of half an acre, lies near the shore, on the lower, or northern part of the lake; and the surface of the water being of late somewhat lowered by opening its outlet, a small rock in the upper part has become more conspicuous.
Travellers are commonly satisfied with a sight of this lake from the road; but those who have leisure may obtain better views of the lower and finer part of the lake, from different stations in the grounds near Dalehead House; and finer still from the other side of the water. But the most perfect view of the whole lake is from a rocky eminence at a little distance from the northern end of the water.
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