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Map, hand coloured engraving, A Map of Scotland, Hebrides and Part of England, drawn for Thomas Pennant, engraved by J Bayly, published by Benjamin White, London, 1777.
   Pennant 1777
map feature:- up is N & lat and long scales (conical projection? longitude E and W of Edinburgh) & sea plain & coast shaded & rivers & lakes & relief & hillocks & county & settlements
inscription:- printed upper right
A / MAP of SCOTLAND / the / HEBRIDES / and / PART of ENGLAND / adapted / to MR. PENNANT'S Tours
inscription:- printed bottom left and centre
J. Bayly sculp. / Published 1st. of May 1777 by Benj, White.
wxh, sheet:- 47.5x63cm
wxh, plate:- 470x615mm (roughly)
wxh, map:- 456x598mm
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