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placename:- Keer, River
parish Hutton parish, once in Cumberland
parish Burton-in-Kendal parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
river; boundary; county boundary
coordinates:- SD5675
10Km square:- SD57
county:- Lancashire
locality:- Cumbria boundary
locality:- Westmorland boundary
locality:- Lancashire boundary

1Km square SD5675


Keer, River -- Cumbria boundary -- Westmorland boundary -- Lancashire boundary -- Hutton and Burton-in-Kendal -- Cumbria -- Lancashire / -- At High Keer Bridge. -- SD522719 (at) -- 20.12.2006

old map:- Ford 1839 map

Map of the Lake District, published in A Description of Scenery in the Lake District, by William Ford, published by Charles Thurnham, London, 1839.
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Keer R.

placename:- Keer River
county:- Lancashire
date:- 1839
period:- 19th century, early; 1830s

source:- Otley 1818

New Map of the District of the Lakes, in Westmorland, Cumberland, and Lancashire, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, by Jonathan Otley, engraved by J and G Menzies, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland, published by J Otley, Keswick, Cumberland now Cumbria, 1818; pblished 1818 to 1850s.
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old map:- West 1784 map

A Map of the Lakes in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, now Cumbria, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, engraved by Paas, 53 Holborn, London, included in the Guide to the Lakes by Thomas West, published by William Pennington, Kendal, Westmorland, and in London, from the 3rd edition 1784, to 1821.
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county:- Lancashire

old map:- Ogilby 1675 (plate 38)

Road book, Britannia, strip road maps, with sections in Westmorland and Cumberland etc, scale about 1 inch to 1 mile, by John Ogilby, London, 1675; and a general map of England and Wales.
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In mile 241, Lancashire.
River crossed by the road at:-
Care bridge
which is High Keer Bridge?
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

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Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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