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Page 159:-
cottages, and farms, placed in the sweetest situations, are the rural parts, and altogether form the most delightful and charming scenes. The accompaniments of this lake are disposed in the most picturesque order, bending round its margins, and spreading upwards in craggy rocks and mountains, irregular in outline; yet they are certainly much inferior in sublimity and horrible grandeur, to the environs of Keswick, and the dreadful rocks of Borrowdale. But in this opinion we have Mr. Cumberland against us, who, having visited the other lakes in dark unfavourable weather, when nothing could be seen besides weeping rocks, flooded roads, and watery plains, darkened by sable clouds that hovered over them, and concealed their variegated shores,- entertained an unfavourable idea of them; and being more fortunate in a fine day, in that part of the tour, where he visited Ulls-water, he attuned his lyre in honour of this enchanting lake, and sung its charms not only in preference to Windermere, Grasmere, and the vale of Keswick, but he also raises it above the pride of Lomond, and the marvellous Killarney.
Our bard, in the sweet ode alluded to, represents himself upon the banks of the lake of Ulls-water, bemoaning the hardness of his fate, in being deprived of a fine day
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