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Page 122:-
from the water's edge. The extremity of some inclosures are picturesquely seen just over the wood, with part of a cottage. The village of Wythop lies behind it in an aerial site. A grass inclosure, scooped in the bosom of the hanging wood, and under it a cot, on the very brink of the lake, stands sweetly. The views downward are fine; the banks high and woody to the bridge, of which two arches are in sight. Behind it a white house is charmingly placed. More to the right, at the head of a gentle slope, in the very centre of view, stands Armathwaite, winged with groves; and behind it, at a small distance, are deep hanging woods, and over them, spreading far to the right and left, a great reach of cultivated grounds. This termination is rich and pleasing to the eye. The view to the south is, on the upper lake, much softened by distance. In the afternoon, if the sun shine, the appearance of the silver-grey rocks, glistening through the green woods that hang on their fissures, is most elegant. Behind, an appendix of Skiddaw rises in rude form; and over it, this chief of mountains frowns in Alpine Majesty.- This view is also well seen from the house of Scareness.
station, Broadness
STATION III. The next remarkable promontory is Bradness, a round green hill, that,
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