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Page 100:-
and readily and chearfully give assistance to strangers who visit their regions. On missing a tract I was directed to observe, I have been surprised by the dale-lander from the top of a rock, waving me back, and offering me a safe conduct through all the difficult parts, and who blushed at the mention of a reward. Such is the extensive influence of virtue in the minds of those that are least acquainted with society [1].
The shepherds only are conversant in the traditional annals of the mountains, and with all the secrets of the mysterious reign of chaos and old night; and they only can give proper information concerning their arcana: for others who live almost within the shadow of these mountains, are often ignorant of their names.
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Return to Keswick, by Grange, and if the sun shines in the evening, the display of rocks on the opposite shore, from Castle-rock to Wallow-crag, is amazingly grand. The parts are the same as in the morning ride, but the
[1] In parts so sequestered from the world, the vulgar language (as well as manners) may be supposed to continue very little altered from what it has been for many ages, and to be what was once generally used through the country. And in order a little to gratify the curiosity of the reader, in Article X. of the Addenda may be seen a specimen of the common Cumberland dialect.
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