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Page 98:-
but not without hazard to the assailant, who is let down from the summit of this dreadful rock, by a rope of twenty fathoms, or more, and who is obliged to defend himself from the attacks of the parent bird during his descent. The devastation made on the fold in the breeding season, by one eyrie, is computed at a lamb a day, besides the carnage made on the ferae natura. Glaramara is a mountain of perpendicular rock, immense in height and much broken. It appears on the western canton, and outline of the picture. Bull-crag and Serjeant-crag are in the centre, and their ruggid (sic) sides concealed with hanging woods.
The road continues good to Rosthwaite, the first village in this romantic region, where it divides. That on the right leads to the wad-mines, and to Ravenglass; that on the left, to Hawkshead. Amidst these tremendous scenes of rocks and mountains, there is a peculiar circumstance, of consolation to the traveller, that distinguishes this from other mountainous tracts, where the hills are divided by bogs and mosses often difficult to pass, which is, that the mosses here, are on
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