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Page 59:-
all that is beautiful, grand and sublime.- The immediate space is much cultivated, (sic) The variety of hanging grounds are immense, consisting of woods, groves, and inclosures, all terminated in rocky woodlands of various forms. It spreads above in a beautiful variety of waving inclosures, intermixed with hanging woods, and shrubby circular spots, over-topped with wild grounds and rocky ridges of broken mountains. In some places it swells into spacious bays, fringed with trees, whose bushy heads wave beautifully over the crystal waters. The parsonage-house is seen sweetly seated under a range of tall firs. Following the same line of shore, above the east, ferry point, and on the banks of the bay, the tops of the houses and the church of Bowness are just seen. Above that, Bannerigg and Orresthead rise gradually into points, cultivated to the top, and cut into inclosures. These are contrasted by the rugged craggs of Biscot-how. Troutbeck-park comes next in view, and over that, Hill-bell rears its conic top, and Fair-field swells in Alpine pride, rivalled only by Rydal's loftier head.
The eastern coast, to the south of what has been described, is still more pleasing in variety of little groves, interposed inclosures, and scattered houses, sweetly secreted. To
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