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Ulverston to Lowick
  Greenodd to Coniston

  station, Coniston road
From Ulverston to Coniston-water is eight miles, either by Penny-bridge or by Lowick, both excellent carriage roads. [1] By Lowick the road is along a narrow vale, beautifully divided by hanging inclosures and scattered farms, half way up the mountains' sides, whose various heads are covered with heath and brown vegetation. About three miles from Ulverston, observe a farm house on the left, and a group of houses before you on the right. - Stop at the gate on the brow of the hill, and have a distant view of the lake, finely intersected with high crowned peninsulas. At the upper end, a snow white house is seen, under a hanging wood, and to the north east, the lake seems to wind round the mountains' feet. The whole range of Coniston-fells is now in sight, and under them a lower sweep of dark rocks frown over the crystal surface of the lake. Advancing on the left see Lowick-hall, once the seat of a family of that name. Behind this a dismal scene of barrenness presents itself; clustered
[1] Company that return to Ulverston the same day should turn off to the left near Lowick bridge, to Penny-bridge, and have a charming view of a most beautiful bay, especially if the tide be up. It opens a little short of Penny-bridge, and continues to Greenodd, at the meeting of the rivers Leven and Crake, where this country slate is laid up for exportation.
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