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Page 10:-
every where. From Ulverston, by Dalton, to the ruins of Furness Abbey, six miles. Return to Ulverston, from thence to Kendal, twenty-one miles, or to Lancaster, over the sands, twenty miles.
  itinerary from south
This order of making the tour of the lakes is the most convenient for company coming from the north, or over Stainmoor; but for such company as come by Lancaster, it will be more convenient to begin the visit with Coniston-water. By this course, the lakes lie in an order more agreeable to the eye, and grateful to the imagination. The change of scenes is from what is pleasing, to what is surprising; from the delicate touches of Claude, verified on Coniston lake, to the noble scenes of Poussin, exhibited on Windermere; and, from these, to the stupendous, romantic ideas of Salvator Rosa, realized on Derwent-lake.
This Guide shall therefore take up the company at Lancaster, and attend them in the tour to all the lakes [1]; pointing out (what only can be described) the permanent features of each scene; the vales, the dells, the groves, the hanging woods, the scattered cots, the deep mountains, the impending cliff, the broken ridge, &c. Their accidental beauties depend upon a variety of circumstances; light
[1] An abridged view of the tour may be seen in a table of roads at the end.
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