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Page 9:-
visiting the whole range of the lakes; which had he done, and described their scenery with that accuracy and glow of colouring he has bestowed upon the lakes of Keswick, Windermere, &c. a copy of his account would have served for a guide to all who make the same tour.
  itinerary from north
The course of visiting the lakes from Penrith, is by Bampton to Hawes-water, and from thence to Ulls-water, and return to Penrith. Next set out for Keswick, seventeen miles good road. Having seen the wonders of Keswick, and the environs, depart for Ambleside, fifteen miles of excellent mountain road, which afford much entertainment. From Ambleside ride along the side of Windermere, six miles, to Bowness, and, having explored the lake, either return to Ambleside, and from thence to Hawkshead, five miles, or cross Windermere at the ferry, to Hawkshead, 4 miles. The road, part of the way, is along the beautiful banks of Esthwaite-water. From Hawkshead the road is along the skirts of the Furness Appenines, to the head of Coniston-water, three miles, good road. This lake stretches from the feet of Coniston-fells to the south, six miles. The road is on the eastern side, along its banks, to Lowick-Bridge; from thence to Ulverston by Penny-Bridge, or by Lowick-Hall, eight miles; good carriage road
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