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Page 7:-
trees preserved on purpose by the owner, conceal the nakedness of Caton-Moor on the right, and render the view complete.
introduction, continued
By company from the south (sic), the lakes may be best visited by beginning with Hawes-water, and ending with Coniston-water, or vice-versa. Mr. Gray began his tour with Ulls-water, but did not see all the Lakes.- Mr. Pennant proceeded from Coniston-water to Windermere-water, &c. but omitted Ulls and Hawes-water. Mr. Gray was too late in the season for enjoying the beauties of prospect and rural landscape in a mountainous country; for in October the dews lie long on the grass in the morning, and the clouds descend soon in the evening, and conceal the mountains. Mr. Pennant was too early in the spring, when the mountains were mantled with snow, and the dells were darkened with impenetrable mist; hence his gloomy description of the beautiful and romantic vale of St. John, in his journey from Ambleside to Keswick. Flora displays few of her charms early in May, in a country that has been chilled by seven winter months.
  season to visit
The best season for visiting the Lakes is from the beginning of June to the end of Au-
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