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Page 185:-
Memory of his great Exploits on those Creatures.
In Penrith is a good Market for Corn, and other Commodities, on Tuesdays weekly; but for Cattle a much greater on the same Day once a Fortnight, from Whit-Sunday to August 1. The Fair is on Whit Tuesday; and it is 221 Miles computed, and 283 measured from London.
This Town was possess'd by that Party of Highland Scots Rebels, who made that desperate Push into England, which ended at Preston. In the Moor, or Heath, on the N. Part of the Town, the Militia of the County making a brave Appearance, and infinitely out-numbering the Highlanders, were drawn up; yet with their usual Bravery they run away as soon as the Scots began to advance to charge them, and never fir'd a Gun, leaving the Town at their Mercy: However, to do Justice to the Rebels, they offer'd no Injury to the Town, only quarter'd in it one Night, took what Arms and Ammunition they could find, and advanc'd towards Kendal in Westmoreland.
Westward of Penrith, and not far from the Head of the River Eln, stands
Ierby, a considerable Market Town: It is suppos'd to to be the Arbea of the Ancients, where the Barcarii Tigrinensis were garrison'd. At the Conquest it was a Gentleman's Seat, and one Village, but now it is become two Manors, the one called Ireby Alta, or High Ireby, and the other Ireby Basse, or Low Ireby, and often Market Ireby, because tho' the other be the more ancient Town, yet this having been the Lands of great Men successively, and standing in a more convenient Place, hath always been of more Account, and enjoy'd the Privilege of holding a Fair and Market, which the other has not. The High Ireby, was a long Time the Possession of a Family of that Name, descended from Orme de Ireby, Son of Gospatrick. The Lower is now the Lordship of the Musgraves of Crokedale, who are descended of the same Family.
The Market here is on Thursdays.
Wigtown, a small Market Town, in the Forest of Allerdale, not far N. of Ireby, the Place last mentioned. It is remarkable only for several Altars pitched there,
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