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Page 127:-

Sir Andrew de Harcla Roger de Leybourne. According to the custom of the times, and the real intent of the trust, as soon as the heiresses were of proper age, they were married to the sons of their guardians - Idonea to the son of Leybourne, and Isabella to Roger eldest son of Clifford. On a partition of their fortunes, Harcla-castle, among other places, fell to the last. This was the Clifford slain in the attempt to pass the Menai into Caernarvonshire, on the invasion of Wales by Edward I.* On the attainder of his grandson Roger for adhering to the faction of the Earl of Lancaster, this place, with several others in these parts, was granted by Edward II. to Sir Andrew de Harcla, originally of an obscure family, which took its name from the manor and castle of Hartley or Harcla, in this parish. The rise and fall of Sir Andrew were equally rapid. He was high in favour with Edward II. was appointed Lord of the Marches, Sheriff of the county of Westmoreland, and Governor of the city of Carlisle, an honour he had also enjoyed in the preceding reign. Hearing of the march of the Earl of Lancaster, towards the north, to favour an invasion of the Scots, he suddenly advanced with what forces he could collect, and, posting himself on the banks of the Ouse at Boroughbridge, checked the progress of the rebellious Prince, who at first SIR ANDREW DE HARCLA.
* Tour in Wales, Vol.II. 234-5.

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