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Page 126:-

"Thomas Whartonus jaceo hic: Hic utraque conjux;
Elionora suum hinc, hinc habet Anna locum.
En tibi terra tuum, carnes ac ossa resume;
Tu Caelos animas, tu Deus alme, tuum."
At the east end of the tomb are these lines:

Gens Whartona genus dat honores dextera victrix
In Scotos. Stapletona domus mihi quam dedit uxor
Elionora fecit ter bina prola parentum:
Binam adimunt teneris, binam juvenilibis annis
Fata mihi; dat nomen avi mihi bina superstes.
Anna secunda uxor celebri est de genti Salopum."
Hartley Castle The castle of Harcla stood on an eminence at a small distance from Kirkby Stephen. This, and the manor of the same name, as part of the great barony of Westmoreland, was granted by King John to Robert de Veteripont, a most potent baron of Norman descent, who died in great power, and highly trusted in the reign of Henry III. This barony continued in his male heirs till the death of his grandson Robert, who was slain at the battle of Evesham, where he took part with the Barons. He left two daughters, Isabella and Ivetta, oftener styled Idonea. The King committed these Ladies, being then very young, to the guardianship of Roger de Clifford of Clifford-castle in Herefordshire, and HARCLA-CASTLE.

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