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On the floor is a stone, with a cross engraven on it, a shield with six annulets, the Musgrave arms, and a sword beneath it. This seems to have belonged to some religious warrior of the name, unless it commemorated a Lowther, who bore the same arms; one of the name possessed the first grant of Harcla, after the death of the unfortunate owner.
Thomas Wharton In a part of the church called Wharton-isle, belonging to Wharton-hall, is an altar-tomb, with the effigies of Thomas lord Wharton on the top in armour, with short hair and a long beard. On one side of him is his first wife Eleanor daughter of Bryan Stapleton esq. of Wighill, Yorkshire; on the other his second wife Anne daughter of George earl of Shrewsbury; the sleeves of one of the Ladies are of a most enormous length. This nobleman was Governor of Carlisle in the thirty-third of Henry VIII. and was greatly instrumental in the infamous defeat, or rather flight, of the Scots at Solway Moss; and in the first of the following reign, he, in concert with the Duke of Lenox, invaded Scotland, and destroyed Annan, the church of which was most obstinately defended*. He died in 1568. The following inscriptions on the tomb give his history:
* Ridpath's Border History, 563.
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