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Page 124:-

In the church are numbers of monuments: among them is one of a Knight in complete armour, neck alone bare, short hair, gauntlets on his hands; he lies on a fine altar-tomb, with six niches on each side elegantly carved, but at present robbed of the images. This is called the tomb of Sir Andrew de Harcla earl of Carlisle, and once owner of the neighbouring castle of the same name; but it is not probable that such posthumous honours would have been permitted to have been paid to a person who suffered to the utmost rigour the punishment of treason. By the arms it appears to belong to a Musgrave, and possibly to Sir Thomas Musgrave, purchaser of the lands of the forfeited Harcla, and who died in or about the fiftieth year of Edward III. TOMBS.
A plain altar-tomb of black marble is seen beneath an arch, on which is this inscription:- "Hic jacet Ricardus Musgrave, miles, juxta Elizabetham uxorem ejus, et Thomam filium et haeredem eorem, qui obiit IXo. die Novembris anno Domini MCCCCLXIIII. cujus animae propitietur Deus! Amen." On the arch are the Musgrave arms, supported by a monkey and a pelican. The Lady was daughter of Sir Thomas Betham of Betham, in this county, a family of great antiquity, extinct in the reign of Henry VI.*
* Burn, 1, 224.

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