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Page 128:-

attempted to corrupt Harcla by bribes, after a repulse he met with in endeavouring to pass a ford at a small distance from the town. Finding Harcla firm to his trust, and hearing that Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford, was slain in a valiant effort to pass over the bridge, then made of wood, he lost all courage, was taken in a chapel in the town, and, seized with a prophetic spirit, predicted to Sir Andrew his ignominious end. Harcla, on this, was loaded with honours; was created Earl of Carlisle, with remainder to the male heirs of his body, the first instance of the kind known; and was besides rewarded with most considerable grants. He did not enjoy his good fortune above a twelve-month; for, in 1323, envying the favour shewn by his master to the D'Espensers, he most ungratefully confederated with the Scots, and, entering into a league with Robert Bruce, bound himself by writing and by oath to maintain Robert and his heirs on the throne of Scotland. It is highly suspected that he favoured the inroad of the Scots into Yorkshire, where Edward was very nearly taken at the abbey of Byland*. Harcla was suddenly seized by Henry Fitzhugh by order of the King, and very shortly brought to trial, condemned to suffer the death of a traitor in all its rigour, after being formally degraded, by having his sword taken from his side, and his spurs chopped from his heels, the an- HIS FALL.
* Leland's Collect. II. 466.

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