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Page 129:-

[an]cient penalty of recreant knights; all which, on March the second, was instantly executed at Carlisle*.
 Hartley Castle Scarcely a wreck is left of the castle, which stood on an eminence above the village of Hartley. On the attainder of the Earl of Carlisle, the manor was granted to Ralph Nevil baron of Raby, who sold it to Thomas de Musgrave, in the posterity of whom it still continues. The castle was enlarged and improved by Sir Richard Musgrave, Knight of the Bath, and the first Baronet of the name, who died at Naples in 1615. For a long time it was kept in good repair, and with Eden-hall alternately inhabited; but was demolished by the late Sir Christopher Musgrave, who removed the materials to repair his other seat.
Wharton Hall One morning I took a ride to Wharton-hall, about two miles to the south of Kirkby, seated on the Eden, and, till the ruin of the family, in a noble park, at present occupied by farmers. This had been from very distant time the residence of the well-known name of the Whartons. The antiquity of their stock is far higher than the herald's record. A considerable family flourished here as early as the reign of Edward I. Yet the first which is mentioned in the College is Thomas de Wharton, in the time of Henry VI. who WHARTON-HALL.
* Rymer's Foed. 111. p.999.

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