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Page 130:-

held the manor from Thomas de Clifford. The house is almost a ruin, and had been very large. In the kitchen are two vast fire-places, and in the hall one twelve feet wide, melancholy testimonies of the former hospitality of the place. I could not avoid enquiring after the celebrated Duke

"Wharton, the scorn and wonder of our days,
"Whose ruling passion was the lust of praise:
"Born with whate'er could win it from the wise,
"Women and fools must like him or he dies:
"Tho' wond'ring Senates hung on all he spoke,
"The Club must hail him master of the joke.
"Shall parts so various aim at nothing new?
"He'll shine a Tully, and a Wilmot too.
"Then turns repentant, and his God adores,
"With the same spirit that he drinks and whores.
"Enough if all around him but admire,
"And now the Punk applaud, and now the Friar.
"Thus with each gift of nature and of art,
"And wanting nothing but an honest heart,
"Grown all to all, from no one vice exempt,
"And most contemptible to shun contempt:
"His passion still to covet gen'ral praise,
"His life to forfeit in a thousand ways:
"A constant bounty which no friend has made;
"An angel-tongue, which no man can persuade;

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