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Page 131:-

"A fool with more of wit than half mankind,
"Too rash for thought, for action too refin'd:
"A tyrant to the wife his heart approves;
"A rebel to the very King he loves:
"He dies, sad out-cast of each Church and State,
"And harder still flagitious yet not great.
"Ask you why Wharton broke thro' every rule?
"'Twas all for fear the knaves should call him fool."
I discovered that people now living well remembered this British Clodio, and bear witness to the justice of the description of the profligate part of his character; of his affecting to hunt upon Sundays, and shewing in all his actions an equal contempt of the laws of GOD and Man.
Lammerside Castle I proceeded along a narrow vale watered by the Eden, and passed by a very ancient square tower called Lamerside-hall, formerly by the sad name of the Dolorous Tower. Something was told me of a Sir Tarquin and Sir Caledos, so that probably the place had been the subject of dire adventure.
Pendragon Castle
Uther Pendragon
About a mile further I reached Pendragon-castle, a small but strong square building, with great marks of age on all its parts. The foundation of this castle is ascribed to the great British hero, Uther Pendragon, the father of the greater Arthur. It is notorious what feats Pendragon ac- PENDRAGON-CASTLE.

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