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Page 82:-
stands near Little Salkeld, seven miles N.E. of Penrith. This circle is 350 paces in circumference, and is composed of 67 massy unformed stones, many of them ten feet in height. At seventeen paces from the southern side of the circle, stands Long Meg - a square unhewn column of red freestone, near 15 feet in girth, and 18 feet high.
  Arthur's Round Table
King Arthur's Round Table is a circular plot of ground about forty yards in diameter, encompassed by a trench and bank of earth; with places of entrance on two opposite sides. It is situated between the rivers Eamont and Lowther, rather more than a mile from Penrith, on the road to Kendal.
Mayburgh lies about a quarter of a mile distant from the last, between the river Eamont and the road to Pooley. An area of near one hundred yards in diameter is circumscribed by a mound, formed of an enormous quantity of pebble stones, apparently gathered from the adjoining lands - surmounted by a fence-wall of more modern date, and shaded by lofty trees. There is an entrance on one side, and near the centre stands a rough porphyritic stone about ten feet in height. The dates and purposes of these two interesting pieces of antiquity, are left entirely to conjecture.
  Giants' Graves
On the common called Burnbanks, near the foot of Hawes Water, there are five tumuli of earth called Giants' Graves.
A plot of ground near the foot of Devoke Water exhibits traces of numerous buildings in the form of streets. It is called the city of Barnscar.
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