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Page 10:-
the lower extremity of the lake may be seen over the beautiful grounds of Hallsteads.
  Ullswater by boat
This lake, like others, is most advantageously seen by commencing at its foot; so that, whether by the road, or in a boat, the grandeur of the scenery is continually increasing as the traveller approaches the mountains; but the views from the lake are more open, and the water itself appears more spacious, from the boat on its surface, than from any elevation above it.
There is a comfortable inn at Pooley Bridge, on the foot of the lake; an another at Patterdale, a little distance from its head. They both furnish boats upon the lake: and the long wanted medium of land conveyance is now in part supplied;- horses and jaunting cars can be had at Pooley Bridge; and a post chaise and horses at Patterdale.

Brothers Water
- So called from the circumstance of two brothers having been drowned together, by the breaking of the ice - is a small lake, situate in that part of Patterdale called Hartshop, on the road leading to Ambleside.
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