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Scarth Gap
The other exit from Wastdale Head is by the road to Scarf Gap, already referred to as having been found dangerous by inexperienced travellers. A rough foot-road leads through the valley of Mosedale, between Kirkfell and Yewbarrow, till it enters Gillerthwaite, at the head of Ennerdale. Kirkfell and the stream being kept on the right, the track passes between Kirkfell and the Pillar. Coming down into Gillerthwaite, the view is beautiful. Great Gable and Kirkfell close in the dale at its head; High Stile and Red Pike are in front, and Gillerthwaite is below, with its circular green level, dropped over with wood, its farmhouse and stream, and the lake at the other end. Behind, the wild valley of Mosedale winds away between Kirkfell and Yewbarrow, and discloses the great summits of Scawfell and Bowfell. The Pillar is 2,893 feet high, and inaccessible, from its craggy and precipitous character. The path leads along the Pass called Blacksail to a sheepfold on the little river Liza, which falls into Ennerdale Lake: at that fold the stream will be crossed, and an indistinct path will be seen crossing a hollow in the direction of Buttermere. That hollow is Scarf Gap; and the path leads out upon Gatesgarth, at the head of Buttermere. From Gatesgarth it is four miles to Seatoller in Borrowdale, one mile to
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