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Page 9:-
John Gandy, Esq., who has chosen a charming site for his abode; and a little further, on the same side of the road, is the pretty villa-residence of Miss Yates.
There are villas on either side the road, on almost every favourable spot, all the way to Bowness. The road past the college grounds leaves the other one to be called by the inevitable title of 'the old road.' We pass rows of lodging-houses; and then we see to the right the spot where the college is to be: and to the left Ellerthwaite, the residence of Mr. Geo. H. Gardner; and then, to the right, the cottage of Mylnbeck, the residence of the Misses Watson, daughters of the late bishop of Llandaff: a common house in its aspect towards the road, but, as seen over the wall, very pretty in its garden-front. The next gate on the left is the entrance to the Craig, built by Sir Thomas Pasley, and now inhabited by W. R. Greg, Esq. Below this, the houses begin to thicken about the entrance to Bowness. Among them, a road to the left leads to one of the most charming points of view in the neighbourhood,- a hill named Biscut How, crested with rocks, which afford as fine a station as the summit of Elleray for a view of the entire lake and its shores.



Is the port of Windermere. There the new steamboats put up; and thence go forth the greater number of fishing and pleasure boats which adorn the lake. There is a good deal of bustle in the place; and the lower parts, near the water, are very hot in summer: and the more since the building of a new lodging house in a
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